What I’m Thankful For

…I am thankful for

I’m Thankful for all the support I’ve been getting and all that I’ve accomplished wedding-wise over the last few months.

According to the Knot, I’m only 270 days away from the wedding, and I swear they just sent me an email saying it’s about 9 months out, which seems like even less time to plan it all out and save up for all the expenses. But most people I talk to say I’m doing great.

I’ve gotten a chance to update the banner now that we have engagement photos to play with. These were taken by our friend Al!

Save the Dates

Today I got my save-the-dates. I designed them, ordered online, and got them super quickly. They unexpectedly came with cute mini-envelopes. I’m now waiting on my return labels (also designed by me) to arrive. They should be here any day now, and that’s when I have to tackle the address labels/stamps/printing information cards to affix magnets to and with a flurry and a hope sending them out to the giant list of possible attendees.

The Dress

I found the dress at A’Lamour a few weeks ago. I tried on a bevvy of dresses but this one stood out when it was hanging on the hook in my dressing suite. It was somewhat different from what I had initially thought I wanted  – it’s still a mermaid but not quite as curve hugging as the other dresses I tried on over the course of the search. It’s dramatic and has a matte satin ivory fabric that I also hadn’t thought I wanted. I can’t wait to go to a dress fitting to see it again. I’m sure that day will come too soon as I have to lose an inch in my waist to fit in it (as of a few weeks ago – and pre-holiday festivities).

Now I can start thinking of accessorizing. I’ve been enjoying searching etsy, Kirsten Kuhn is one of my favorites so far. Shoes are another thing I’ve been looking into. I want matte ivory satin flats with either built in bling or shoe clips that I’ll sew in since I’m going to dance a LOT. I need to find a veil or blusher, thinking something fingertip length and with a little extra on the trim.

Bridesmaid dresses.

I always wanted to be like “you can wear whatever” but that day is gone. I want the dresses to be blue, the same designer so the blues match at least. Its hard to get four grown women together to shop. I’ve narrowed it down to two designers based on our first experience shopping for dresses. I need to find time to call dress shops to see the random price range of these designers so I can determine which one would be more economical to pick from so as not to break the bank on my bridesmaids. This is oddly stressful for me since it’s involving my friends wearing something for me.


Did I mention I got a photographer? He’s awesome, met them at a bridal expo. After looking over a billion different websites and other photographers, including friends’, we decided on Merit Photography to take care of our photos. The first photo in the gallery was the one that caught my eye. I like that they do formal and photojournalist style pictures.


….and more to plan

We start meeting with DJs in December. Trying to find one that isn’t cheesy, obnoxious, and can roll together country, pop/contemporary, with big band jazz. Yea that’s a pretty tall order I’m sure.

Invites…I want to design them but there’s a part of me that says ordering them would be the easy way out. Expensive, but easy.