The shoes

I’m a practical gal, and it’s nearly impossible to find CUTE flat shoes that are my style and flats. I’ll be standing most of the day and heels would just make me ridiculously taller than Nick. I must have gone through zappos, endless shoes,, my glass slipper, not being able to find quite what I was looking for. The original shoe that caught my eye was a swanky pair from an overseas designer. Super cute, but way out of my price range.

Liana butterfly flats, by Aruna Seth

I decided to just go with a pair I found tonight from a designer I already own a pair from (that I really like). These are silver leather with a small jewel accent and a peep-toe.  I think these shoes won’t compete with the dress. I’ll also be able to get a nice pedicure and have it peep through.

Vigotti "Artie" Silver metallic shoes